EMDIS message: ALM_RES

Description Alternative match list result

The alternative match list result (ALM_RES) is a result from a request of an ALM_REQ (alternative match list for a patient).

EMDIS Fields

Field description (WMDA dictionary field) EMDIS field code Required Field Type
Reference code (REF_CODE) REF_CODE Required A15
Sending EMDIS registry (REG_SND) REG_SND Optional N4
Receiving EMDIS registry (REG_RCV) REG_RCV Optional N4
Patient identification (Patient Identification) P_ID Required A17
Donor identification (Donor Identification ( to be replaced by GRID)) D_ID Required A17
Global registration identifier for donors (old format, deprecated).For information regarding GRID in the new format please see field D_GRID. (GRID) GRID Optional A19
Global registration identifier for donors (GRID) D_GRID Optional A19
Physical location of the donor (Donor location identifier) DON_POOL Required N4
Donor attribute (Donor Attribute) DON_ATTR Optional A3
Donor date of birth (Date of birth) D_BIRTH_DATE Required D8
Donor sex (Sex) D_SEX Optional A1
Stem cell donor or Cord blood unit (Donor Type) D_TYPE Required A1
Donor blood group and optional rhesus (Blood Group (ABO)) D_ABO Optional A3
Donor CCR5 status (CCR5) D_CCR5 Optional A2
Donor ethnic group (Ethnicity) D_ETHN Optional A4
Donor weight (Weight) D_WEIGHT Optional N3
Donor height (Height) D_HEIGHT Optional N3
Donor number of blood transfusions (Donor blood transfusions) D_NMBR_TRANS Optional N1
Donor number of pregnancies (Donor pregnancies) D_NMBR_PREG Optional N1
Number of marrow donations (Number of previous HPC donations) D_NMBR_MARR Optional N1
Number of PBSC donations (Number of previous HPC donations) D_NMBR_PBSC Optional N1
Donor collection type: what is the donor willing to donate? (Donor product preference) D_COLL_TYPE Optional A1
Donor CMV status (CMV antibodies test result) D_ANTI_CMV Optional A1
Date of CMV test (CMV antibodies test result date) D_ANTI_CMV_DATE Optional D8
Donor Toxoplasmosis (Toxoplasmosis antibodies test result) D_TOXO Optional A1
Donor EBV status (Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) antibodies test result) D_EBV Optional A1
Major version of the HLA Nomenclature in use[1] (HLA Nomenclature Version) HLA_NOM_VER Required A7
Donor HLA-A, 1st antigen (HLA-A (serological)) D_A1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-A, 2nd antigen (HLA-A (serological)) D_A2 Optional A5
Donor HLA-B, 1st antigen (HLA-B (serological)) D_B1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-B, 2nd antigen (HLA-B (serological)) D_B2 Optional A5
Donor HLA-C, 1st antigen (HLA-C (serological)) D_C1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-C, 2nd antigen (HLA-C (serological)) D_C2 Optional A5
Donor DNA-A, 1st allele (HLA-A (molecular)) D_DNA_A1 Optional A20
Donor DNA-A, 2nd allele (HLA-A (molecular)) D_DNA_A2 Optional A20
Donor DNA-B, 1st allele (HLA-B (molecular)) D_DNA_B1 Optional A20
Donor DNA-B, 2nd allele (HLA-B (molecular)) D_DNA_B2 Optional A20
Donor DNA-C, 1st allele (HLA-C (molecular)) D_DNA_C1 Optional A20
Donor DNA-C, 2nd allele (HLA-C (molecular)) D_DNA_C2 Optional A20
Donor HLA-DR, 1st antigen (HLA-DRB1 (serological)) D_DR1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-DR, 2nd antigen (HLA-DRB1 (serological)) D_DR2 Optional A5
Donor HLA-DQ, 1st antigen (HLA-DQB1 (serological)) D_DQ1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-DQ, 2nd antigen (HLA-DQB1 (serological)) D_DQ2 Optional A5
Donor DNA-DRB1, 1st allele (HLA-DRB1 (molecular)) D_DRB11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB1, 2nd allele (HLA-DRB1 (molecular)) D_DRB12 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB3, 1st allele (HLA-DRB3 (molecular)) D_DRB31 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB3, 2nd allele (HLA-DRB3 (molecular)) D_DRB32 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB4, 1st allele (HLA-DRB4 (molecular)) D_DRB41 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB4, 2nd allele (HLA-DRB4 (molecular)) D_DRB42 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB5, 1st allele (HLA-DRB5 (molecular)) D_DRB51 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB5, 2nd allele (HLA-DRB5 (molecular)) D_DRB52 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DQA1, 1st allele (HLA-DQA1 (molecular)) D_DQA11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DQA1, 2nd allele (HLA-DQA1 (molecular)) D_DQA12 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DQB1, 1st allele (HLA-DQB1 (molecular)) D_DQB11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DQB1, 2nd allele (HLA-DQB1 (molecular)) D_DQB12 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DPA1, 1st allele (HLA-DPA1 (molecular)) D_DPA11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DPA1, 2nd allele (HLA-DPA1 (molecular)) D_DPA12 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DPB1, 1st allele (HLA-DPB1 (molecular)) D_DPB11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DPB1, 2nd allele (HLA-DPB1 (molecular)) D_DPB12 Optional A20
Donor KIR gene 2DL1 (KIR gene 2DL1) D_KIR2DL1 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DL2 (KIR gene 2DL2) D_KIR2DL2 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DL3 (KIR gene 2DL3) D_KIR2DL3 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DL4 (KIR gene 2DL4) D_KIR2DL4 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DL5A (KIR gene 2DL5A) D_KIR2DL5A Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DL5B (KIR gene 2DL5B) D_KIR2DL5B Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DS1 (KIR gene 2DS1) D_KIR2DS1 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DS2 (KIR gene 2DS2) D_KIR2DS2 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DS3 (KIR gene 2DS3) D_KIR2DS3 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DS4 (KIR gene 2DS4) D_KIR2DS4 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DS5 (KIR gene 2DS5) D_KIR2DS5 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 2DP1 (KIR gene 2DP1) D_KIR2DP1 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 3DL1 (KIR gene 3DL1) D_KIR3DL1 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 3DL2 (KIR gene 3DL2) D_KIR3DL2 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 3DL3 (KIR gene 3DL3) D_KIR3DL3 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 3DS1 (KIR gene 3DS1) D_KIR3DS1 Optional A255
Donor KIR gene 3DP1 (KIR gene 3DP1) D_KIR3DP1 Optional A255
URI to a GL-String or GL-string for absence/presence for KIR typing results. (Killer immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) GL string) D_KIR_GL Optional A255
Donor status (Search Status) D_STATUS Required A2
Reason of donor status change (Search Status change) D_STAT_REASON Optional A2
Donor status valid until specified date (Status end date) D_STAT_END_DATE Optional D8
Date of last confirmed contact with the donor (Donor contact date) D_CONTACT_DATE Optional D8
Date of last medical checkup of the donor (Donor Checkup date) D_CHECKUP_DATE Optional D8
CBU collected volume before processing (without additives) (Unit volume at collection) CB_VOL Optional R5
Total CBU volume frozen (post processing and pre-cryopreservation) (Unit volume at cryopreservation) CB_VOL_FRZN Optional R5
Collected total number of nucleated cells (Collected Total nucleated Cells (TNC)) CB_TNC Optional F7
Processed total number of nucleated cells (post processing and pre-cryopreservation) (Total nucleated Cells (TNC) in CBU) CB_TNC_FRZN Optional F7
Collected total number of CD34+ cells (Collected CD34+) CB_CD34PC Optional F7
Processed total number of CD34+ cells. Post processing and pre-cryopreservation. (Processed CD34+) CB_CD34PC_FRZN Optional F7
Collected total number of mononucleated cells (Collected number of unit mononuclear cells) CB_MNC_FRZN Optional F7
Total CFU post processing count (post processing and pre-cryopreservation). GM method (Total colony forming units (CFU)) CB_CFU_FRZN Optional F7
Method of volume reduction (Unit volume reduction method) CB_REDUCTION Optional A3
Verification typing (CT) date of the cord blood unit. Definition: CT (Confirmatory Typing) is repeat DNA typing after registration. For the CT to be completed, loci A, B, and DRB1 must all be retested and confirmed consistent with registration typing. The CT completion date is the latest date when A, B, and DRB1 are all complete. If the loci are not all tested at the same time, this date will be the date the last locus was tested. (Unit verification typing date) CB_CT_COMPLETE_DATE Optional D8
CBU DNA available? (Unit DNA sample availability) DNA_AVA Optional A1
Maternal serum available for CBU? (Maternal serum available) MAT_SER_AVA Optional A1
Quantity of maternal serum for CBU (Quantity of maternal serum) MAT_SER_QUANT Optional N2

The alternative match list result (ALM_RES) returns a set of donors that is not kept up-to-date by the repeat search process. Therefore it should be sent blocked - stressing the contrast to DONOR_CB messages which form a continuous process. If the ALM_RES is empty, a NO_RES message has to be sent instead:

D_ID = ’<hub code> followed by any valid characters’,

D_ID = ’DE-unspecific’,