EMDIS message: REQ_CAN

Description Cancellation of a request

This message is used to cancel a request that has been sent to a partner HUB. Thus it must have a preceding request that is being cancelled. An accepted message has no reply message. The message may receive a reaction in the form of a Warning. The message may be rejected with a MSG_DEN.

EMDIS Fields

Field description (WMDA dictionary field) EMDIS field code Required Field Type
Sending EMDIS registry (REG_SND) REG_SND Optional N4
Receiving EMDIS registry (REG_RCV) REG_RCV Optional N4
Patient identification (Patient Identification) P_ID Required A17
Donor identification (Donor Identification ( to be replaced by GRID)) D_ID Required A17
Global registration identifier for donors (old format, deprecated).For information regarding GRID in the new format please see field D_GRID. (GRID) GRID Optional A19
Reference code (REF_CODE) REF_CODE Required A15
Type of request (REQ_TYPE) REQ_TYPE Required A3
Reason for request cancellation (REASON_CNCL) REASON_CNCL Optional A3
Remark (REMARK) REMARK Optional A120
The unit identification assigned by the hub. It may be the same as the local ID (CB_LOCAL_ID) (Cord Blood Unit Identification) CB_ID Optional A17
Global registration identifier for donors (GRID) D_GRID Optional A19

Unlike the *_REQ messages the fields ”Request date” and ”Reference code” do not refer to the REQ_CAN message but contain the values of the request to be cancelled.

The REQ_CAN message is not applicable to cancel an ALM_REQ and can be rejected.