EMDIS message: MSG_DEN

Description Message denial

The message denial is intended as an immediate response in the event that a particular message will be not acted upon. The reasons for such a response are variable. Some examples include:

  • The message submitted is not supported by the responding hub
  • The message submitted or the associated action violates a house rule of the responding hub
  • The message submitted or the associated action violates the EMDIS semantics

While the MSG_DEN is a critical part of the EMDIS semantics, care should be taken to avoid scenarios in which a MSG_DEN is routine or expected. The MSG_DEN should largely be reserved for exception scenarios. A proliferation of MSG_DEN messages may indicate a system defect either on the part of the submitting or responding hub.

EMDIS Fields

Field description (WMDA dictionary field) EMDIS field code Required Field Type
Sending EMDIS registry (REG_SND) REG_SND Optional N4
Receiving EMDIS registry (REG_RCV) REG_RCV Optional N4
Code operation of erroneous message (MSG_CODE) MSG_CODE Required A10
Patient identification (Patient Identification) P_ID Optional A17
Donor identification (Donor Identification ( to be replaced by GRID)) D_ID Optional A17
Global registration identifier for donors (old format, deprecated).For information regarding GRID in the new format please see field D_GRID. (GRID) GRID Optional A19
Reference code (REF_CODE) REF_CODE Optional A15
Origin of denial (ORG_DEN) ORG_DEN Required A20
Remark (REMARK) REMARK Required A120
The unit identification assigned by the hub. It may be the same as the local ID (CB_LOCAL_ID) (Cord Blood Unit Identification) CB_ID Optional A17
Global registration identifier for donors (GRID) D_GRID Optional A19

The ORG_DEN contains for instance the function that caused the message to be denied. This field is used for debugging purposes. A message that was denied was not processed at the recipient’s side and has to be resent. The message has to be presented to the responsible user (search coordinator) by the local EMDIS administrator in an appropriate manner. The optional REF_CODE should be present if it is a required field in the message referenced by MSG_CODE. A WARNING should be issued if not. For a message with multiple errors, only one MSG_DEN message has to be sent back.