Field identifier BANK_MANUF_ID
Field description

Unique identifier of the CBB that manufactured the CBU. ID shown in table in tab Cord blood bank IDs. For the usage of this filed, check the Comment below.

Element type CbuItemType
Field type String
Required No
Length 10


For the upload to WMDA the fields BANK_MANUF_ID and BANK_DISTRIB_ID should be fulfilled with attribute value to identify whether it is WMDA ID or EMIDS ID. The WMDA ID is new ID for the corresponding cord blood banks and not with the EMDIS IDs. These IDs are important to allow WMDA to identify if the CBU is from an accredited bank which will be displayed within a search report.

Dictionary field Cord Blood Bank Manufacturing ID (The ID of the bank that manufactured the unit)
EMDIS fields related to dictionary field CB_BANK_MANUF_ID