Description Donor information in the context of sample requests

With this message relevant secondary donor information which may arise in the context of sample requests can be transmitted from the donor side registry to the patient side registry.

EMDIS Fields

Field description (WMDA dictionary field) EMDIS field code Required Field Type
Sending EMDIS registry (REG_SND) REG_SND Optional N4
Receiving EMDIS registry (REG_RCV) REG_RCV Optional N4
Patient identification (Patient Identification) P_ID Required A17
Donor identification (Donor Identification ( to be replaced by GRID)) D_ID Required A17
Global registration identifier for donors (GRID) D_GRID Optional A19
Reference code (REF_CODE) REF_CODE Required A15
Information type (Donor information) INFO_TYPE Required A3
Remark (REMARK) REMARK (SMP_INFO) Optional A255

The new SMP_INFO message can only be exchanged in one direction: from donor side to patient side.

Sample information is always referencing a sample request.

Sample information is only valid as long as the referenced sample request is considered as ”open” or the donor is reserved for this patient after the sample request. A request is considered as ”open” as long as the searching registry has neither reported the sample result nor a ”service can not be performed (NO_RES)” information nor a request cancellation.

There might be several sample information messages within the context of one sample request.

Subsequent sample information is regarded as new or additional information and not as updates.