EMDIS message: MSG_ACK

Description Message acknowledgement

This message serves a confirmation letting your partner hub know that that their message has been received and stored in your system. A MSG_ACK message is explicitly requested by the partner hub.

EMDIS Fields

Field description (WMDA dictionary field) EMDIS field code Required Field Type
Sending EMDIS registry (REG_SND) REG_SND Optional N4
Receiving EMDIS registry (REG_RCV) REG_RCV Optional N4
Acknowledgement ID (Acknowledgment ID) ACK_ID Required A17
Date of acknowledgement (Receipt acknowledgement date) ACK_DATE Optional D8
Remark (REMARK) REMARK Optional A120

A message has to be acknowledged as soon as it is successfully stored within the recipient's database for further processing and the field ACK_ID contains a non empty value, i.e. indicates that an acknowledgement is wanted by the sender. The ACK_ID has to be used with in the resulting MSG_ACK message. Optionally the date of acknowledgement and additional remarks can be given.