Description Donor workup status

EMDIS Fields

Field description (WMDA dictionary field) EMDIS field code Required Field Type
Sending EMDIS registry (REG_SND) REG_SND Optional N4
Receiving EMDIS registry (REG_RCV) REG_RCV Optional N4
Patient identification (Patient Identification) P_ID Required A17
Donor identification (Donor Identification ( to be replaced by GRID)) D_ID Required A17
Global registration identifier for donors (GRID) D_GRID Optional A19
The unit identification assigned by the hub. It may be the same as the local ID (CB_LOCAL_ID) (Cord Blood Unit Identification) CB_ID Optional A17
Reference code (REF_CODE) REF_CODE Required A15
Date of the confirmation of the workup request (Work up request confirmation date) CONF_DATE Optional D8
Date marrow collection (Collection Date) MARR_DATE Optional D8
Date information session (Donor information session) INFO_DATE Optional D8
Result physical examination (Physical Examination Result) EXAM_OK Optional A1
Date physical examination (Physical Examination Date) EXAM_DATE Optional D8
Date autologous units (Date of donor autologous blood unit) AUTO_DATE Optional D8
Date arrival pre-collection (Pre-collection sample date) PRECOLL_DATE Optional D8
Result virology (Result date) VIROL_OK Optional A1
Date virology (Test date) VIROL_DATE Optional D8
Date of final clearance before transplantation (Donor Clearance date) CLEAR_DATE Optional D8
Date of the transplantation (Transplant Date) TRX_DATE Optional D8
First PBSC collection date (Collection Date) PBSC_COLL_DATE1 Optional D8
Second PBSC collection date (Collection Date) PBSC_COLL_DATE2 Optional D8
Start G-CSF date (G-CSF Start) PBSC_GCSF_DATE Optional D8
Transport medium for marrow (Transport Medium for HPC(M)) TRNS_MEDIUM Optional A10
Remark (REMARK) REMARK Optional A120

Inform the requesting hub about the donors’ workup status. One or more of these message may be exchanged between the donor centre and the search centre. The usual direction of this message is from the donor centre to the transplant centre. The only exception is, that in the end of the process, the date of the transplant is transmitted from the transplant centre to the donor centre.