Field code REASON_CNCL
Field description Reason for request cancellation
Field type Alphanumeric Length: 3
Field rule

ATX = Autologous Transplantation RMT = BMSC Transplantation with related donor[1] UMT = BMSC Transplantation with unrelated donor[1] RCT = CBSC Transplantation with related CBU[1] UCT = CBSC Transplantation with unrelated CBU[1] RPT = PBSC Transplantation with related donor[1] UPT = PBSC Transplantation with unrelated donor[1] GCC = Good clinical condition of patient (i.e. remission) BCC = Clinical condition of patient deteriorated (i.e. relapse) PDC = Patient deceased before transplantation PAT = Patient responds to alternative therapy PPR = Patient withdrawal (non medical, personal reasons) ICH = Transplantation indication changed (i.e. wrong diagnosis) FND = Other / better donor found NDF = No suitable donor found COR = Correction of request HMM = HLA mismatch DRR = Donor related reason OTH = Other reason UNK = Unknown reason

Dictionary field REASON_CNCL (EMDIS message only, not in WMDA data dictionary.)
EMDIS messages REQ_CAN
WMDA XML fields related to dictionary field