Field code REASON
Field description Reason why a service cannot be performed
Field type Alphanumeric Length: 3
Field rule

For transplant centre (TC) to donor centre (DC): BCC = Clinical condition of patient deteriorated (i.e. Relapse) FND = Other / better donor found LAB = Laboratory problem / Typing failed / Not enough sample NSP = No sample received OLD = Sample too old PDC = Patient deceased before request was completed STP = Search stopped TRX = Patient already transplanted OTH = Other reason

For donor centre (DC) to transplant centre (TC): DO = Donor is too old DD = Donor died MR = Medical reasons PR = Personal reasons TX = After transplantation MO = Donor has moved UC = Unable to contact donor NS = No sample available (for CBU�s only) OT = Other reasons UK = Unknown EX = Expired MM = HLA mismatch

Dictionary field Request denial reason (Reason why a service cannot be performed)
EMDIS messages NO_RES
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