Field code MARKER
Field description In the IDM_REQ message the values in this field indicates the infectious disease markers to be tested. In the IDM_RES message the values in this field reflects the infectious disease markers that were tested.
Field type Binary fixed length string Length: 13
Field rule

Binary fixed length string in which each position represents a test to be requested: Position 1: Blood group and rhesus Position 2: CMV status Position 3: Toxoplasmosis Position 4: EBV Position 5: HIV status Position 6: HIV P24 Position 7: Hepatitis B surface antigen Position 8: Antibody to Hepatitis B surface antigen Position 9: Antibody to Hepatitis B core antigen Position 10: Antibody to Hepatitis C virus Position 11: Lues status (Treponema pallidum) Position 12: ALT status Position 13: Antibody to HTLV1.V2

Dictionary field Infectious Disease Marker (Indicates the infectious disease marker tested)
EMDIS messages IDM_REQ
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