WMDA Dictionary field: Institution

Description Identification of an institution, usually refers to a receiving or sending regsitry.
Description (long)
Field type Alphanumeric
Data family owner Requests
Forms C10 (Collection Report)
CB10 (Cord Blood Unit - Information and Typing Request)
CB21 (HPC, Cord Blood Unit Report)
CB30 (Cord Blood Unit Shipment Request)
F10 (Formal Request for Stem Cell or Lymphocyte Collection)
F40 (Prescription for Stem Cell and Lymphocyte Collection (2x as one whole form))
F70 (Verification of Cell Product)
F90 (Request for Patient's Siblings Service)
S10 (Preliminary Search Request)
S20 (Request for Extended Donor HLA Typing)
S40 (Blood Sample Request for Verification Typing)
T10 (Courier & Emergency Contact Information During Stem Cell Transportation)
T50 (Proforma Invoice)
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