WMDA Dictionary field: Donor Identification ( to be replaced by GRID)

Description Donor Idenitification assigned by donor registry
Description (long)
Field type Alphanumeric
Data family owner Donor
EMDIS fields D_ID
WMDA XML fields ID
Forms C10 (Collection Report)
C20 (Abnormal Donor Finding Letter)
C30 (Notification Unable to Clear Donor)
DF1 (Donor Assessment Post Stem Cell Donation (1 week following donation))
DF2 (Donor Assessment Post Stem Cell Donation (1 month following donation))
DF3 (Annual Donor Assessment Post Stem Cell Donation)
F10 (Formal Request for Stem Cell or Lymphocyte Collection)
F20 (Previous Transplant History)
F30 (Final Compatibility Test Results)
F40 (Prescription for Stem Cell and Lymphocyte Collection (2x as one whole form))
F50 (IDM Testing to be Performed During Donor Workup)
F60 (Donor Final Clearance Pre-Stem Cell Collection)
F70 (Verification of Cell Product)
F80 (Notification of Donor Clearance)
S20 (Request for Extended Donor HLA Typing)
S30 (Donor Extended Typing Test Results)
S40 (Blood Sample Request for Verification Typing)
S60 (Donor HLA Verification Typing Results)
S70 (Discrepant Typing Report)
T50 (Proforma Invoice)
TF1 (Stem Cell Transplantation Follow-Up)
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