Description Phenotype list

EMDIS Fields

Field description (WMDA dictionary field) EMDIS field code Required Field Type
Sending EMDIS registry (REG_SND) REG_SND Optional N4
Receiving EMDIS registry (REG_RCV) REG_RCV Optional N4
Patient identification (Patient Identification) P_ID Required A17
Date phenotype list was generated (Matchlist date) MATCH_DATE Required D8
Stem cell donor or Cord blood unit (Donor Type) D_TYPE Required A1
Major version of the HLA Nomenclature in use[1] (HLA Nomenclature Version) HLA_NOM_VER Required A7
Donor HLA-A, 1st antigen (HLA-A (serological)) D_A1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-A, 2nd antigen (HLA-A (serological)) D_A2 Optional A5
Donor HLA-B, 1st antigen (HLA-B (serological)) D_B1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-B, 2nd antigen (HLA-B (serological)) D_B2 Optional A5
Donor HLA-C, 1st antigen (HLA-C (serological)) D_C1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-C, 2nd antigen (HLA-C (serological)) D_C2 Optional A5
Donor DNA-A, 1st allele (HLA-A (molecular)) D_DNA_A1 Optional A20
Donor DNA-A, 2nd allele (HLA-A (molecular)) D_DNA_A2 Optional A20
Donor DNA-B, 1st allele (HLA-B (molecular)) D_DNA_B1 Optional A20
Donor DNA-B, 2nd allele (HLA-B (molecular)) D_DNA_B2 Optional A20
Donor DNA-C, 1st allele (HLA-C (molecular)) D_DNA_C1 Optional A20
Donor DNA-C, 2nd allele (HLA-C (molecular)) D_DNA_C2 Optional A20
Donor HLA-DR, 1st antigen (HLA-DRB1 (serological)) D_DR1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-DR, 2nd antigen (HLA-DRB1 (serological)) D_DR2 Optional A5
Donor HLA-DQ, 1st antigen (HLA-DQB1 (serological)) D_DQ1 Optional A5
Donor HLA-DQ, 2nd antigen (HLA-DQB1 (serological)) D_DQ2 Optional A5
Donor DNA-DRB1, 1st allele (HLA-DRB1 (molecular)) D_DRB11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB1, 2nd allele (HLA-DRB1 (molecular)) D_DRB12 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB3, 1st allele (HLA-DRB3 (molecular)) D_DRB31 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB3, 2nd allele (HLA-DRB3 (molecular)) D_DRB32 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB4, 1st allele (HLA-DRB4 (molecular)) D_DRB41 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB4, 2nd allele (HLA-DRB4 (molecular)) D_DRB42 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB5, 1st allele (HLA-DRB5 (molecular)) D_DRB51 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DRB5, 2nd allele (HLA-DRB5 (molecular)) D_DRB52 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DQA1, 1st allele (HLA-DQA1 (molecular)) D_DQA11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DQA1, 2nd allele (HLA-DQA1 (molecular)) D_DQA12 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DQB1, 1st allele (HLA-DQB1 (molecular)) D_DQB11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DQB1, 2nd allele (HLA-DQB1 (molecular)) D_DQB12 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DPA1, 1st allele (HLA-DPA1 (molecular)) D_DPA11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DPA1, 2nd allele (HLA-DPA1 (molecular)) D_DPA12 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DPB1, 1st allele (HLA-DPB1 (molecular)) D_DPB11 Optional A20
Donor DNA-DPB1, 2nd allele (HLA-DPB1 (molecular)) D_DPB12 Optional A20
Number of donors of the registry with the given HLA phenotype (Preliminary Search Results) HUB_COUNT Required N5

A phenotype is defined as A, B, DR and DRB1. All the other HLA fields are only present for historical reasons and will be removed in a future version.

Although all HLA fields of the PHEN_LIST message are defined as optional at a minimum antigen and/or allele values must be provided for the loci A and B.

The use of the FML block construct is recommended.

The list must only contain items who’s D_TYPEs correspond with the P_MAX_DON of the patient (e.g. cords must not be reported if P_MAX_DON_CB = 0) but the list is mandatory for donors and also for cords if P_MAX_DON_CB > 0.

The phenotype list can contain more results (sum of HUB_COUNTs) than the donor list because the donor list is limited by the P_MAX_DON_* fields. It must contain all suitable phenotypes for the given patient i.e. it gives a snapshot of the number of currently available donors in a registry and allows the patient’s registry to know the maximum number of donors/cord which can be specified in the P_MAX_DON_* fields.

The phenotype list is not updated regularly like the donor list (see EMDIS Repeat Search Program). An updated phenotype list can only be retrieved by a PAT_STAT or changed A, B, DR or DRB1 patient values.

Only 6/6 and 4/4 antigen matched donors and cords according to the patients phenotype and the P_MAX_DON* fields have to be reported even if the patient’s matching preferences are set to mismatch.