Field code RESOLUT
Field description Resolution required
Field type Alphanumeric Length: 11
Field rule

Character string with fixed length in which each position represents a HLA locus. The coding of the resolution required for every position is: �S� = serological �L� = DNA low resolution �M� = DNA medium resolution �H� = DNA high resolution �-� (hyphen) = not requested The character string is interpreted from left to right, with position 1 as the leftmost position. The positions for the HLA loci are defined as: Position 1: HLA-A Position 2: HLA-B Position 3: HLA-C Position 4: HLA-DRB1 Position 5: HLA-DRB3 Position 6: HLA-DRB4 Position 7: HLA-DRB5 Position 8: HLA-DQA1 Position 9: HLA-DQB1 Position 10: HLA-DPA1 Position 11: HLA-DPB1

Dictionary field RESOLUT (EMDIS message only, not in WMDA data dictionary.)
EMDIS messages TYP_REQ
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